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Who is Ash Kaashh? Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Height

Ash Kaashh is an Internet personality, Model, and Instagram star. Recently, Twitter has been buzzing with the news that Ash Kaashh is dead. However, it’s just the false news being circulated on social media and this is not the first time that a death hoax has taken place. In the past celebrities like Bill Clinton, Drake and others have been a victim.



Date of Birth January 09, 1998
Birth Place Chicago
Profession TikTok Model
Nationality American
Instagram @ash.kaashh


Social media posts circulated a picture of the memorialized account, which spread the rumor. The picture says “Remembering Ashaley. This account has been memorialized. Memorialized accounts celebrate and commemorate the life of a deceased person.”

The post seems to be believable because of the official account of Ashley’s show in the background of the post. However, currently, her account functions as normal and the message does not pop up. It is still unclear if anybody has faked the picture and spread it on social media.

Some users took to Twitter and wrote “Her Instagram says “Remembering” as if she died bro.”. Another tweeted “so ash kaash really died before I got a chance huh #ashkaash.”. Some users were worried about the post and wrote “They saying you died pls tweet I’m about have a heart attack” another tweeted “Why yo Instagram say you died.”. One posted, “Not gonna lie I got scared earlier when ash kaash page got memorialized.”


Who is Ash Kaashh?

Name Ash Kaashh
DOB January 15, 1998
Age 23 Years old
Net Worth $300K to $500K USD.
Height 5 feet 5 inches tall


Ash Kaashh aka Ashley Internet personality, Entrepreneur, Model, and Instagram star. She has around 1.6M followers on Instagram with 52 posts. Her Twitter account has 440.7K followers, she joined Twitter in June 2019.

She is a Fashion Nova partner along with Sara Jean Underwood. She has also launched an online nail business called “From heaven to you”. Ash Kash is popular on various media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, and Snapchat. Her first post was a manifestation statement on Instagram of becoming a millionaire. She is fond of pets.

She is also popular on Only Fan Page, she has around 4.6K likes and the subscription charges per one month is $49.99 and for 3 months she charges around $134.97 with a 10% discount, for 6 months, its $254.95 with 15% discount and for 1 year she charges $419.92 with 30% discount. She also has immense fan followers on her Tiktok account with 1.9 million followers and has 16.9 million hearts.

Talking about her education, she has not shared any insights about her educational background. However, we will keep you updated at the earliest.

How old is Ash Kaashh?

How old is Ash Kaashh? She was born on January 15, 1998, now her age is 23 years from Chicago, Illinois. We do not have much information regarding her parents. However, we will keep you updated very soon.



If we talk about Ash’s professional career, we can’t miss out on her nail artist career. She is an incredibly good nail artist and she works as a model as well.

Her fashion model career is pretty great as she has worked for many popular fashion accessories and brands. This includes brands such as Fashion Nova and others as well.

Aside from this, she makes cool 15 second lip sync videos on Tiktok and she is kinda famous for it. She actually has a good following on all her social medias.

In TikTok alone, she has more than 2 million fans following her content. She gets more than 17 million hits on her TikTok profile.

Another cool thing about Ash Kaashh is her OnlyFans account. An emerging youtuber reviewed this account and he said that the account is pretty great but very expensive. The content there will satisfy any straight male.

Ash is pretty famous for her attractive photos on her social media handles. This fame also comes with a lot of baggage. She constantly gets rape threats and she stays pretty alone.

She says that she cant even go to dinner without being disturbed. She is also heavily trolled un the social media. Still, all of these negative things haven’t had an affect on her.

Her Instagram profile has 1.5 million followers and that brings her tons of money so, she is probably cool with all the hate.

Her twitter is also followed by almost 400K people which is a very large number. She is, however, not available on Facebook.


Is Ash Kaashh dead?

Ash Kaashh is not dead and she is doing her best on social media platform and she has been actively posting her hot photos on Onlyfans as well. The rumor of her death started in May 2021.

At that time many followers of her shared a weird screenshot of her Instagram account which looks like this.

Her Instagram account showed a memorialize which made think many fans of her that she is dead and Instagram showed rose to memorialize her death. Which was not true as per Facebook officials they said that they added this due to Ash Kaashh request.


Who is Ash Kaashh Boyfriend?

Ash Kaashh has kept her love life private. Since she has not shared any pictures with her loved one, we are not sure whether she is single or she is in a relationship. However, we will update you once we receive any information regarding her love life.

On May 3rd, 2021 she tweeted stating “If you’ve been dating a man for over a year and he ain’t take you anywhere tropical then baby that ain’t yo man.” and also added, “My man is really my best friend.”

On May 3nd 2021, she tweeted “Idk how I’ll feel if a man ever cheats on me, if I love him I gotta go crazy right? Like First 48 crazy or Snapped?.”


What is Ash Kaashh Net Worth?

The Tiktok sensation and social media influencer Ash Kaashh is currently worth around$500K. But this figure is sure to increase as her overall social media presence and businesses are many and the income is pretty diverse.



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