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The Twentieth century inventions

The twentieth century contains a plethora of inventions that altered the human race’s lives. Specifically, the invention of the internet has made the most significant impact on people’s everyday lives. In simple terms, the internet is a global network that allows people to be linked together and so much more ( The internet is a primary source of how people connect daily. Even the education system is adapting to the internet, more and more educational institutions are going digital. Also, the internet assists the lives of humans daily. Even though the internet has many positives that come with it, there is a drawback. The drawback is cyberbullying; people get targeted by others who send harmful messages, share private information, and are hostile towards another person ( Overall, the internet has made a positive mark on people’s lives by altering how people connect, learn, and live their daily life.

First of all, the introduction of the internet allows society to be more connected. The internet enables messaging, video calls, blogs, and countless other interactions. People have busy lives, whether with school, work, or many other things. Usually, people would lose connections with friends and family over time due to a lack of time to get together. The internet allows everyone to send messages in a blink of an eye. Instant messaging lets people stay in touch and not waste their time and energy.
Another beautiful thing the internet provides is video calling. People can video call on almost anything; it could be on Skype, Facetime, Google meets, What is App, and many more. Video calling allows people to interact face to face with each other from the comfort of their homes conveniently. Without the internet, it would be impossible to see loved ones when people do not have the time to visit each other. Video calling is not purely pleasure-based either. People conduct business meetings online, which allows the business to stay connected, even when working from home. In tough times like COVID or natural disturbances such as floods, where it is impossible to leave the house, the internet still enables people to stay connected. Also, blogs keep people engaged and causes them to interact with strangers over the internet. The internet lets individuals talk in paragraphs lengths about topics they are passionate about over blogs with others, any day. The invention of the internet has allowed countless people to stay connected. Thus, the invention truly has made a significant positive impact on the human race.

Furthermore, the internet has altered the education process for the better. The internet enables there to be online lectures, assignments, and tests. The remote learning model of education has many benefits. For example, online lectures are easily accessible to everyone with an internet connection. Traditionally, some students would not attend class on certain days because of varying reasons, such as weather conditions, no means of transportation, or even just being sick. The online lectures allow students to join from their homes, which mitigates almost all the factors which would cause students to miss class. Professors can assign assignments all online, through the internet. The students can no longer misplace or lose their work. The assignments on the internet never get lost, and people even have apps downloaded to remind them to do their work. The internet is highly beneficial to students and makes their lives much more manageable.
Additionally, tests can be completed online. Professors can easily create a test and share it with their students instantly. As a result, the students complete the test in a more comfortable environment. Also, no minor disturbances can occur, unlike in a class full of students. This allows students to achieve better scores. For the professors, marking is not a hassle since the online programs can mark the tests, ensuring no mistakes and saving the professors time. All the beautiful positives are all possible because of the invention of the internet.

Not to mention the internet has improved the daily lives of humans tremendously. People use a variety of websites, apps, and virtual assistants daily. The online services that people rely on daily are possible because of the internet. For example, Amazon is one of the most popular websites used. People buy everything from groceries to technology on Amazon, all without stepping one foot outside their home. People no longer have to face the inconvenience of going to a store to purchase the goods they need. Instead, the product they order will arrive at their doorstep. Also, online banking is done through apps and online websites. People can automatically receive and send money instantly without having to go all the way to the bank and then wait for their turn to talk with the clerk. Another fantastic thing Online banking allows is for trees to be saved since all the paper bills no longer exist. It is all digital on the network. The invention of the internet is so advanced that there is literal virtual assistance awaiting people’s demands. The assistants can help with various problems and make day-to-day life more manageable by turning on/off lights, locking the house, setting alarms, and reminding people. The assistant lets people have less stress and live their life. Other apps such as DoorDash, SkipTheDishes, and Uber Eats, make it so food can be delivered to the desired house. This allows parents to worry less about making food, and instead, they have more time to spend with the family. The changes the internet has caused for the human race has made day-to-day life much easier.

Although the internet has significantly positively impacted society, some would say cyberbullying is its downside. Cyberbullying can occur in many different forms, whether it be harassment, doxing, etc. Bullies target other individuals online and harass them on social media. The bullies can send mean direct messages to the target and even publicly try to shame them by posting embarrassing images of the target over the internet. People who cyberbully also release the private information of the person they are targeting to humiliate or threaten them, known as doxing. Cyberbullying can harm people if not handled correctly. There are anti-cyberbullying policies in play on the internet. The bully can get charged for their actions over the internet, which keeps the people on the internet more aware of their actions. Also, if someone experiences a form of cyberbullying, they can ignore it and turn off their device. Also, many seminars take place in school and at events, which keep society informed about cyberbullying and how to deal with it. Cyberbullying is a minor drawback compared to all the positives the invention of the internet has provided for the human race.

Overall, the invention of the internet in the twentieth century has made the most significant positive impact on people’s lives. All the positives the internet provides for humans are unlistable. The main changes the internet provides is how people connect, the education system, and daily living, all for the better. The internet enables everyone to be connected at all times. This allows a higher level of connection between people, allows the educational system to advance better, and makes daily life easier for individuals by allowing them to have control over so much at the tip of their fingers. Cyberbullying comes with the internet but can be avoided and taken care of when dealt with properly. There are minor drawbacks to the internet. However, the buttons of the positives outweigh the negatives.



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