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The Arthurian legend

The Arthurian legend has been around for thousands of years. Throughout those years, there have been many adaptations to the legend. The original tale includes magic, Sword of the Stone, and the Lady of the Lake. Although in the movie King Arthur, there are many alterations the filmmaker, Antoine Fuqua, makes to the film. Fuqua alters the use of magic and characters causing the movie to become more historical than the actual legend.
The first thing the filmmaker changes to make the movie historical is altering magic. The original legend includes the magic scabbard, but there is no mention of the scabbard throughout the film in King Arthur. Furthermore, the scabbard possesses the power of immortality, and without the scabbard, Arthur would have died in his battle with Sir Accolon. Another example of Fuqua altering the film to make it more historical is how Merlin has no magical powers. In The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights, Merlin is a mythical wizard who uses his power to help protect and advise King Arthur. Merlin uses his magic by putting a sword in the stone where only King Arthur can pull it out or when he can take on many disguises. Nevertheless, throughout the film, there is no mention of any magic. However, Fuqua makes many other changes to King Arthur to make it more historical.
Another alteration that Fuqua makes to the film to make it more historical is by altering the characters. Merlin is not merely as magical as in the original legend in the film. Instead, he is evil and the leader of the Picts. Whereas if Merlin did not exist without any magic, there would be no such thing as King Arthur. Merlin used his magic and made Lady Igraine fall in love with Uther Pendragon. Without this occasion, Lady Igraine would have stayed faithful to the Duke of Cornwall and not have had Arthur with Uther. Another alteration he makes to the film is when Lancelot does not commit adultery with Guinevere. Even though Lancelot does not do anything with Guinevere, Lancelot does show an interest in Guinevere. In the legend, Lancelot’s love for Guinevere leads him to betray King Arthur and set the fatal events near the end of King Arthur’s rule. For instance, King Arthur leaves his kingdom in the hands of Modred so he can invade Lancelot’s land. As a result, Modred sets up his regency, forges false tiding, and proclaims himself the new king.
In King Arthur, Fuqua alters the characters or magic to make it more historical. For example, Merlin becomes an evil tribe leader without magical powers and other essential details. These changes significantly transform the movie into a completely different story. So even though the movie King Arthur is not like the original legend, Fuqua makes the film more historical than the original legend by altering the use of magic and the characters.

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