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Our Souls at Night

“Our Souls at Night” revolves around Addie, a widow and Louis, a widower. These two have lived alone for several years, and both have a hard time surviving the night because of different thoughts running through their minds without a companion to share these thoughts. For this reason, they decided to have a platonic relationship wherein they would sleep together every night and talk about their story. As these nights became meaningful for the two of them, they became open with their regrets, grief, and loss in the past, deepening their relationship and a real romance.
As you can see in the movie, some older adults can still do daily activities like cleaning the yard, cooking, driving, buying groceries, etc. However, the movie’s main point is not about how older adults will survive daily activities but how an older adult will survive loneliness. Being alone makes someone stress themselves from different thoughts like wrong decisions in the past, grief, loss and other things. That is why a companion is significant for them, someone they can talk to and help save them from loneliness.



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