How Much is Insurance On a Honda Grom

How Much is Insurance On a Honda Grom

Jeez. When you hit a bump with the ground, it’s like mega-series because the wheels are so small. When you hit the bump with a Ninja 650 or like any other regular-size bike, it’s not a big deal. But with the Grom, it’s like, jeez, the bumps feel massive. Got a little smile from that chick.

She must want to ride on the ground. It’s not going to happen, sister. This thing is my baby. I’m pretty chunky as it is. £230. There’s no way I’m going to put somebody on the back of this and risk wrecking my engine or something.

Maybe if I had two The Grommet, I’d consider it. But the way things are now what’s up, guys? Making a video today on the ground. The best bike ever, but a lot of wind going on with the visor up, but maintenance video on.

What the heck is going on here? Oh, military training stuff. That must suck. My suck working or being in school right now. Some kind of training. I’m just over here riding around. But I’m making this video because my insurance for my motorcycles is ridiculously cheap. I initially had a $90 premium for my motorcycle alone.

That was Kawasaki Ninja 650. It was 2013 with Nationwide. I’m 30 years old and have been riding for about ten years. So that was the insurance premium for that one bike alone. And then I decided to add this gram.

And when I added the gram, I got a multi-vehicle discount. So that means the premium dropped a little for the Kawasaki, and the premium for this one is also reduced. So it was $90, and it ended up to be $90 as well with that multi-vehicle discount.

So ironically, I was thinking that I’m going to have to pay a little more, like maybe $30 more. But it actually cost $0 and $0 to add this bike onto my insurance. I knew it was going to be cheap as it is, but I didn’t think I was going to pay anything to just add this on.

You’d think, like, they’re insuring two vehicles, but I guess that’s how it works with percentages and whatnot. But I’m going to turn into this park area here. I have the billing paperwork. So in a little bit, I’m going to show you guys the breakdown on paper for how much the insurance ended up costing me.

What the heck is that? Grass from lawn Care. I guess I’m going to pull in here. By the way, it’s early morning, so that’s why this all looks deserted. It tells me right here at 846 in the morning.

But I’m going to stop the bike here and show you guys what the sexy beast looks like. Put it in neutral. Okay, here it is. Taking along. So I estimate it’s going to be around $60 for this bike alone for the whole year. Liability only on the Nationwide.

Nationwide insurance. I chose Nationwide because of my neighbor is across the street. Actually, he had Nationwide, and he told me about it, like, I think six years ago or something, before I’ve been using other insurances, but Nationwide seems to be the cheapest.

They always got, like, those commercials up with the Geico and the Gecko, and they always say, Oh, most people who call, we save you money. No, you don’t. It’s not cheaper than Nationwide.

I called along with other insurance companies, it’s not cheaper than Nationwide for me, for whatever reason. But that’s my insurance. I’m going to show you guys the billing paperwork now.

All right, here’s my billing statement. So I have the Kawasaki and the Gram there. So the total you can see there is $90 with the two bikes. And for the Gram alone, with the two-vehicle discount, it’s only $33.

So I estimate when I only have the Gram on there, I actually think it’s going to be around, like, $55 for the whole year to have the Gram insured. That’s like a no-brainer to me. And liability only because it’s such a cheap bike.

Like, why would I pay 150 a month, 150 per year for that bike when I only paid 2500 for it? Originally, I was paying $90 for the Kawasaki alone, and then when I added the Gram, I got a multi-vehicle discount, which reduced the premium on both prices. So it ended up being $90, anyway. So I pretty much got the Gram insured for free.

All right, guys, I hope you enjoyed it.

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