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Ellaine Espinosa

The one who will manage our business is Ellaine Espinosa. Because among the three of us, she fully understood the process of the business and the product production. She will also deal with our supplier/client, and she also has complete control of our business.

Our product is Nutri- Cupcake, a healthy cupcake based on its name. The main ingredient of our cupcake is malunggay leaves and cheese. Our Nutri-cupcake is made for mothers, children and students. To help our Marketing, our packaging is a zero-waste. We will use an eco-friendly box while the logos and cards are printed on plantable paper.

The pricing of our cupcake will depend on the raw ingredients, but it is still affordable. The price for each cupcake will range from 19.00 to 29.00, while a box of 6 will range from 99 to 159. Since we live in San Juan City, we will out our business in San Juan City. We will first cater to San Juan by door-to-door delivery, but we will also cater outside San Juan through other logistics such as Lalamove or Grab pick-up. Since we are still in the pandemic, we will only do personal delivery and logistics pick-up to protect everybody. We will use social media platforms in promoting our business since it is widely used nowadays. The social media platform that we will use is Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and Youtube for advertising and publicity. We will also post and share photos and short clips of our product to boost our social media insights. To promote our product, we will give discounts, freebies and loyalty cards for our loyal customers and new customer. IT To help us monitor the review and feedback of our customer on our Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and youtube account, we will hire one IT personnel. Our IT will help us also monitor the personal delivery and logistics pick-up, and 24/7 he/she will monitor to be able to do it we will provide good internet connection. Also, our IT must have some knowledge about our business.

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