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Calvin Coolidge

Calvin Coolidge was a Republican politician who served as President of the United States for a short time, from 1929 to 1931. As a lawyer, he had been elected to the city council in Northampton, Massachusetts. It took a long time for him to rise through the ranks of state politics in Massachusetts. He first served as a senator and then as lieutenant governor before becoming governor of Massachusetts. In this job, he gained national attention for how he handled a crisis involving Boston police who went on strike. At the time, he took action. He called in the state guard to stop the violence that had been caused by the Boston Police Strike. His calm manner and ability to take strong action quickly earned him the respect of Republicans across the country. As vice president, Coolidge would run with Warren Harding, who was running for president. The two of them won, and Coolidge became vice president in March 1921. President Harding died suddenly in 1923, and Coolidge took over as president in the chaos that followed. Coolidge was calm and composed, even though he took over the presidency during a time of chaos.

Childhood and Early Life

In 1872, John Calvin Coolidge Jr. was born to John Calvin Coolidge Sr. and Victoria Josephine Moor. He had a younger sister, too. As a farmer and storekeeper, his father also worked in the Vermont House of Representatives and the Vermont Senate, as well as in the Vermont Senate.
At age 12, his mother died, and at age 18, his only sister died. These were two major tragedies in his early life. His father later got married and lived for a long time after that.
His father worked hard and was honest, and he taught his son the same things. Thanks to his father’s help, John grew up to be a moral young man with a strong character.
In high school, he went to Black River Academy and then went to Amherst College, where he earned a degree with honors.
Afterwards, he moved to Massachusetts and worked for a local law firm called Hammond & Field. He also learned about the law from the partners, John C. Hammond and Henry P. Field, who worked there. Coolidge did the same thing Hammond and Field did when they were involved in local Republican politics. Coolidge was a lawyer in 1897.


It was in 1898 that Calvin Coolidge opened up his own law office in Northampton. He worked in commercial law and soon became known as a hard-working and honest lawyer. In the same year, he was elected to the City Council of Northampton, where he served for a few years.
In 1899, he ran for City Solicitor. In 1900, he was elected to a one-year term, and he served for that time. In 1901, he was reelected as mayor of New York City. In 1902, he went back to private practice after a Democrat took over as the City Solicitor.
It was in 1909 that Coolidge became mayor of Northampton. In 1911, he was elected as a senator for the Massachusetts state government and served until 1915.
He went on to serve as lieutenant governor (1915–18) and was elected governor in 1918, becoming the first governor of the state. At the time, there was a big problem called the Boston Police Strike. When Coolidge was governor, he took some very strong steps to stop the violence. It was because of his quick action and how he dealt with this crisis that he was respected by people across the country. He became a very popular Republican.
Senator Warren G. Harding of Ohio was the Republican nominee for President in 1920, and Coolidge was his vice presidential running mate, as well as his running mate. Harding and Coolidge both won in a landslide, with more than 60% of the popular vote. They were sworn in as President and Vice President on March 4, 1921.
As Vice President, Coolidge was the first person in the cabinet to go to a meeting. He also made public speeches and did other official things. He was a quiet person, so he was called “Silent Cal” because of how quiet he was.
President Harding died suddenly on August 2, 1923, while he was on a tour to speak to people about the country. Coolidge was in his home state of Vermont at the time. It was 2:47 am on August 3 at the family home in Plymouth, Vermont. His father was a notary public, and he took the oath of office from him right away.
As soon as the next day, Coolidge went back to Washington and took the oath of office again in front of Justice Adolph A. Hoehling Jr., who was on the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia.
During Warren Harding’s time in office, there were a lot of scandals, and Coolidge took over when American politics was in chaos. When Coolidge was known as a person with a lot of moral strength, he quietly worked to make people trust the presidency again.
It was very easy to get on the Republican ticket for the 1924 presidential election. When he ran for office, he won.
During his time in office, the country saw a lot of growth in the economy. The 1920s were known as the “Roaring Twenties,” and they saw a lot of industrial development, as well as a lot of cars, phones, movies, and electricity.During this time, the United States took over the world of finance.
He was a popular president and was thought to be on track to win the 1928 presidential election if he ran for re-election at that time. When Coolidge stepped down in 1929, Herbert Hoover took his place.

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Personal Life & Legacy

It was in 1905 that Calvin Coolidge married Grace Anne Goodhue. Grace was a graduate of the University of Vermont and a teacher at the Clarke School for the Deaf, where she worked for many years. His wife was as lively and outgoing as he was reserved and quiet. There were two sons born of a happy marriage. It was a terrible tragedy when one of their sons died as a teenager.

Coolidge died of coronary thrombosis on January 5, 1933, and he died quickly.

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