Friday, January 21, 2022
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Walmart already analyses and mines petabytes of data to get as much customer insight as possible through the data gathered from its numerous stores worldwide and its many e-commerce platforms.
Since we are in the mobile era, a unique way to go could be through the power of social media. For example, Walmart could create a social media analytic solution that could retrieve, analyze and categorize social media data like Facebook comments, Instagram posts, LinkedIn shares, Twitter tweets, Snapchat stories, etc.
The data solution could combine users’ social media data with web-based public information and personal information like contact information and email address to help Walmart put into context the data gathered. This could inform customers and anyone in close contact with them about the new products and offers on the market.
Walmart could then upload all this information into its analytics hub, the Data CafĂ©, which is set to become the world’s most giant private cloud for processing 2.5 PB of data every hour (Projectpro, 2021)
Amazon is definitely in competition with Walmart, based on the definition of “Rivalrybetweenn existing competitors,” one of the Peter Five Forces.
Both retailers have similar organization sizes; Walmart prooved its dominance in the number of physical stores it has, while Amazon in the number of shares it has in the e-commerce market. But with Amazon Go convenience stores,



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