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Aiden Ricklef

Aiden Ricklef is a popular TikTok star who became famous because of his videos. He has more than a million followers on his account, and his posts have been liked by a lot of people. He is also a model who has worked for Calvin Klein and other big brands.

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Aiden Ricklef is a social media star and a model who has become famous because of his TikTok account, @aidenricklef. He has become famous because of his videos. His videos started to be shared on the site in September 2019. Before, he had a TikTok account called “@nopleaseleavenow.” Now, he doesn’t have one.
It’s mostly memes and lip-syncs that he posts on his TikTok account, and he has over 1.6 million fans. A lot of people have liked his videos. Michael Bublé’s song “Feeling Good” is one of his most popular TikTok videos. He lip-syncs to the song.

On Instagram, the first post he made was back in November 2019. When he posts pictures on his account, @aidenricklef, he shows them off to the world. He has more than 132k followers. Sometimes, he also posts pictures of his cousin.

Model: Calvin Klein is one of the brands that he has worked with in the past. In September 2020, he was the only person interviewed by The Lonely Avocado and Vanity Teen. He also wore socks made by The Lonely Avocado.

Family & Personal Life

Aiden Ricklef was born in California on September 12, 2003, and he was named after a dog. He likes water polo very much. In terms of music, he likes Post Malone, Harry Styles, and Gorillaz the most.

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